Tips and Tricks to Modernize Your Home

Trick 1: Replace outdated carpets with sleek hard floors

There is nothing worse than an old torn carpet that can make a house look outdated. Most modern homes nowadays do not have fully carpeted floors. Just a simple rug will be placed at the foot of the bed or under living room furniture. You should therefore consider replacing the carpets in your house with sleek hard floors. You can use either tiles or wooden floors. The modern tiles nowadays come in a million kinds of design and there will surely be one which suits you.

If you do not have the budget to replace all the carpets in your house, we would recommend that you change the ones in the living room first, followed by the bedrooms. This is because the first room a guest enters is the living room. It is also there that first impressions are form about the décor of your house. A sleek tiled floor will definitely bring an edge to your home.

grey-white-kitchenTrick 2: Upgrade your kitchen

The next area which influences the theme of your house is the kitchen. The great thing about upgrading your kitchen is that you do not need to do a complete overhaul to transform and modernize the kitchen. Simply replace an outdated microwave and stained cooker hob with a modern stainless steel model. If the sink is old fashioned change it to a stainless steel version as well.

If you have additional budget, install a state of the art suction hood. There are plenty of modern designs to choose from and it does wonders to keep your kitchen smell and oil free. Most of these suction hood comes with lights as well that will make cooking a lot easier especially at night.

white-themed-bathroomTrick 3: Style your bathroom

All of us enjoy hotel bathrooms as they are often bright, modern and luxurious. You can also replicate that in the bathroom at home. Simply install a large mirror with backlights shining from behind. Choose one wall to be a feature wall and use textured paint or tiles on it. Keep the rest of the bathroom simple in neutral colors so that the feature wall pops.

Again if you have extra cash, consider changing the ceiling to one that can have backlights around the perimeter. This alone will make your bathroom appear super modern and glamorous.

Trick 4: Remove clutter and keep everything organized

Do you realize that every single picture in home improvement magazines always look neat, tidy and clutter free. Everything is organized and not a single object is out of place. You should also try to do this for your home. Start by throwing away unused objects around the house. Most of us are guilty of hoarding unnecessary things after forming an emotional attachment to them. Donate or give these items away and not only will your house appear brighter, you will also feel lighter.

When it comes to your wardrobe, try organizing your clothes by type and color. For example, all jackets go in the left cupboard whereas all pants go in the right. Arrange them according to their lengths and color. Once you’re done, your wardrobe will be worthy of a magazine feature as well!

Trick 5: Regularly maintain household items

Just like any other problem, fix it before it becomes big. When you fix a problem in its early stage, the damage done is not that big. However, if you neglect the problem, it will only become bigger and fixing it will become a major project that costs a lot of money. Things like leaking water can easily be fixed if spotted early on. If you leave it, the water will flow to other places of your home and structural wood will start to rot.