5 Things To Look Out For In The Perfect Bedroom Mattress

The earliest mattresses consisted mostly of purely natural materials like feathers and straw and most of them only came in 1 size, which is the single bed. While they worked fine back then, with today’s ever-increasing demand for higher quality products that come in larger and different sizes, these mattresses just won’t cut it at all.


King sized mattresses seem to be all the rage these days, whether or not you’re actually sleeping on it by yourself. Bigger is better, in almost all cases, as long as you have sufficient space in your room to place a larger bed. With that in mind, the best king sized mattresses are few and far in between. I was recommended a Tuft & Needle mattress, which is an absolutely fantastic king size mattress. It also seems extremely popular right now and I can see why. The memory foam material that it’s made of just seems so soft, yet dense that you’ll feel as if you’re sleeping on clouds. Lately though, popular options include airbeds, waterbeds and even futons. Futon mattresses first originated from Japan where most of their bedding is made out of quilts and heavily padded foundations. Being thin and light in weight, these mattresses can be folded quickly and stored away easily when not in use, thus making it very viable and preferred in small places, like if you’re staying in a small apartment. A futon consists of mostly cotton and wool, but recently other synthetic versions are coming about as well.

The latest mattresses consist of a lot of synthetic materials including springs and chemical foams. If you’re shopping around for a mattress, it might be a good time to get acquainted with phrases such as viscoelastic, polyurethane and latex. After all, these are the 3 primary materials that form up the majority of the entire mattress manufacturing industry.

Innerspring mattresses, in comparison, have always been the most widely used type of mattress anywhere in the world. The comfort accorded by such mattresses is simply top-notch and with the affordable prices of even the best innerspring mattresses, it’s a no-brainer of which is the best pick back in the 90s. Today, things are becoming a lot more competitive in the mattress industry. Cheap and effective options such as viscoelastic (basically memory foam) and polyurethane foam are finding their way into the scene and they may even just oust innerspring as the most popular mattress option. Almost all innerspring mattresses have a separate layer of pocket coils for improved comfort.


If you really want to opt for an innerspring mattress, I’d personally suggest getting an individually wrapped spring coil mattress, with the spring coils being independently wrapped, that is. A mattress with this feature will mean that less impact will be transferred across the bed as you move about on one side of the bed. This is important so you wouldn’t accidentally wake your partner up as you move about in bed and vice versa. When it comes to foam mattresses however, this problem doesn’t exist at all. In its place though, the older foam mattresses tend to trap heat and thus, cause sweating in the middle of the night. Such problems are much more prevalent in hotter countries and they’re often not the first choice there.

Nonetheless, with all that aside, a foam mattress, especially a memory foam one, is easily the safest choice that you have today. Not only does it function exceptionally well in terms of comfort and support, the best foam mattresses may even be able to relieve you of any chronic back problems that you’ve been suffering from. Indeed, many orthopaedists have recommended that their clients get foam or memory foam mattresses and pillows in order to resolve this problem of theirs and in many cases, great results have been seen. If you’re suffering from any of the aforementioned issues, it might be worth a try changing your mattress or pillow for good.