Build A Chicken Coop To Spice Up Your Backyard!

What role exactly does your backyard play in the context of your overall property? Is it a place for your pets to roam? A place for your kids to play catch and other outdoor games? An outdoor gathering place for summer BBQs and pool parties? Or is it a bland and grey slab of concrete with some potted plants thrown here and there? Or even worse, do you treat your backyard as a storage area for the assorted junk you have accumulated over the years but just can’t seem to get rid of?

Well, hopefully your answers trended more toward the former rather than the latter, however, regardless of the role your backyard plays right now, there is definitely room for improvement, just like anything in life. If you had always wanted to improve your backyard and have it stand out apart from the crowd then keep reading for some pretty cool and unorthodox ideas for your backyard.

Build a Treehouse

If you have the skills do build a treehouse, and if you have the proper space in your backyard, then a treehouse is an excellent way to provide an outdoor retreat away from your home, while still technically being at home. A simple one will suffice; you don’t need to build those massive ones like those on Treehouse Masters. Great if you have kids, and if you built the treehouse properly and with high quality materials, it can literally last for decades!

Add a Fire Pit

firepitThose cold, gloomy, wintry nights got you down and confined to the cozy indoors? Well, no reason to feel trapped by the weather, just add a nice source of warmth outdoors by constructing a nice stone fire pit! Get some nice deck chairs and put it around the fire pit and voila you got a nice outdoor place to hang out in comfortably even in the coldest months!

Get a Hot Tub

While a hot tub won’t send you back in time or guarantee a bevy of beautiful babes, a hot tub is still an excellent way for you to appreciate the outdoors in comfort. And if you regularly have friends over, you can be sure that eventually you will all somehow find your way into said hot tub. Of course, the classic combination of cold beer in a hot tub will never get old.

Add a Fountain

According to the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, strategically placed water features will harmonize the flow of good qi into your home, bringing you luck and prosperity. While we can offer no such guarantees that adding a fountain will increase your wealth, it definitely can add a nice touch of class to your backyard. The sound of running water from the fountain can often also have a very calming and soothing effect which will make your backyard a nice calm place for you to do some quiet reflection.

Build a Chicken Coop

chickensAnd rear some backyard chickens of course; little point in building a chicken coop otherwise! Ironically, although we are today as a country more industrialized and digitized than ever, more and more people are pushing back and trying to get back to the roots of society. One such pushback comes in the form of our food; today in the information age we understand just how harmful modern factory farming is, not just from an ethical animal welfare perspective but also from a health perspective; why are factory chickens so much bigger than organic ones? Growth hormone of course! Today more people are deciding to take control of their own food supply and rearing backyard chickens is one such way of doing so. If you have decided to take this route, here are some things you need to know. Do also read this detailed guide on how to build a chicken coop to help you get started on rearing your own chickens!

  • Flock Size: How many chickens are you planning for? We recommend starting small and growing from there; keep in mind that one hen lays on average one egg per day. Also, each chicken will need about 3 square feet of coop space and 12 square feet of roaming space, so take the size of your backyard into consideration as well.
  • Predator Protection: Make sure that the only ones eating your chickens are you and your family. While chicken wire is most commonly recommended to secure your chicken coop, we prefer hardware cloth instead (which is more like a metal grill rather than cloth). This is because persistent predators can chew or tear through chicken wire.
  • Convenience: You don’t want to invest an excessive amount of time tending to your chickens. Make sure you build you coop to be easily accessible for cleaning, elevated by a few feet to prevent flooding, and do make use of technology such as hanging feeders and automatic water dispensers for maximum convenience.